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This is Prof. Ray. Welcome to join my education filed. I believe you will have a fruitful harvest if you input your efforts in the learning procedure. 

Before you start to learn, you have to know the value of your study.

College is a time for growth and discovery. a time for finding yourself and where you'd like life to take you. Even if you're unsure where you want to go, what your career plans are, college can help you discover that, or it might take you in a completely different direction. Whatever the outcome, enjoy the journey-it's a challenging and exciting adventure.

The process of learning can be daunting. As with any important challenge in life, you must set clear goals and work to accomplish them. Time in college might seem like an eternity, but over the course of a career, it's relatively small. 

With planning. time management, and a positive attitude, college can be a joyous adventure. Make the most of it. Someday you'll think back and remember the experience positively, with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Don't give up when the going gets tough; let it inspire you to work harder. You can't achieve great things without encountering difficulty. Let each setback be a course correction on your road to success. 

Think of yourself as an explorer. You're out of to make great discoveries-find wonderful things about yourself and your world. Every day you have new areas to explore. There are new places to go, a thing to learn, You're not alone on this adventure, your fellow students and teachers are with you along the way. Make the most of it and enjoy your adventure.     

The road to success cite from UC Berkeley 2018-2019 Notebook  2019.3.8 








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Welcome to join my class 


Graduate Institute of Education教育研究所

1. Human Resources Management seminar  人力資源管理專題

2. Advanced statistics 高等統計

3. Marine policy seminar 海洋政策專題

4. Marine popular science seminar 海洋科普專題

5. Learning organization seminar 學習型組織專題

6. Teacher learning community seminar 教師學習社群專題

7. Marine education seminar 海洋教育特論

8.Marine professional cultivation seminar 海洋專業人才培育專題

9. Marine tourism education seminar海洋觀光教育專題

10. Occupational Ethics and Work Attitude職場倫理與工作態度


Teacher Education Center 師資培育中心

1. Vocational Education training and career planning 職業教育訓練與生涯規劃  

2. Occupational Ethics and Work Attitude職場倫理與工作態度

3. Education statistics 教育統計學


Bachelor degree in ocean cultural and creative design industry海洋文創設計學程

1. Marine humanity and cultural geography field investigation 海洋人文地理實察


Bacholar degree in ocean business mamagement 海洋經營管理學程

1. Human resources management 人力資源管理


General education center 通識課程

1. Marine tourism planning and practicing 海洋觀光規畫與實踐   


NTOU Rays Family focuses on marine-related research, include experiential learning, ocean literacy, ocean stewardship, ocean citizenship, evaluation, teacher professional development,  curriculum design, and every discipline of marine education. Of course, you can explore any field you are interested in.   


Hope you Have Fun during your learning journey! heart