Human Resources Management


Who is a Talent?

Graduate Institute of Education, National Taiwan Ocean University

Special Topic on Human Resource Management Syllabus


Class: Graduate Institute of Education 1A  Class code: M9A010BH

Teacher: 嚴佳代 Ray Yen                               e-mail:

Background: Assistant Professor of Graduate Institute of Education/Teacher Education Center, National Taiwan Ocean University; Ph.D. of Human Resource Management, National Central University; Graduate Institute of Tourism Management, Chinese Culture University.

Classroom: BOH302A              

Class time: 2018.September. 13th ~2019.Jun.11th (Thu) 15:10~17:00

Research Room: 604

Contact: 02-24622192ext 2078, 0916924125 


  1. Learning purpose
  1. Understand the concept of Human Resource Management
  2. Understand the implication of Human Resource Management.
  3. Implicate Human Resource Management into education field
  4. Build up your own learning organization  
  1. course requirement
  1. Please join the class on time, if you will be late please inform captain or teacher. Take a leave please follow the school regulation.
  2. If you need to have meal, please inform teacher.
  3. If your phone rings, allow me to pick it up for you.
  4. Prepare the assignment.
  5. Bring your textbook and syllabus every class.
  1. Related requirement
  1. Absent over 1/3 will fail the course and not allow to join the final exam
  2. If there is some unexpected accident cause you miss the class or the exam. You will allow to have a make-up exam.
  1. Teaching materials
  1. 人力資源管理的12堂課,天下文化。李誠主編。
  2. 0927- Hsieh, S. C., Lin, J. S., Lee, H. C. (2012). Analysis on Literature Review Literature of Competency. International Review of Business and Economics, 2, 25-50.
  3. 1004- Shamsuddin, A., Chan, C.M., Wahab, E. Kassim, A.S.M . (2012). Leadership Management as an Integral Part of Succession Planning in HEIs: A Malaysian Perspective, International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3,151-158.
  4. 1011-Harris, L. R. & Brown, G.T.L. (2010).Mixing interview and questionnaire methods: Practical problems in aligning data. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation.15(1), 1-19.
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5. Term paper report

(1) paper leading: 15 minutes leading instruction for the paper and leading discuss for another 15 minutes. Every presentation will be 30 minutes

(2) Term paper: Find out a human resource management related application issue research proposal. No limited for the topics.

a. Content: (1) background and problem (2) purpose (3) hypothesis and research framework (4) methodology (5) expect results.

b. Format: APA 6 style; Times New Roman, 12 point content and 14 point title; include cover page  

c. Presentation: Jan 11th 30minutes each.

6. Grade

(1)Paper instrucation:20%(2)midterm exam 30%(3)final exam 20%(4) course performance30%


7. Course Schedule (tentative)





1st week


  • QuestionnaireSyllabusCaptainBook



2nd week


  • Cold call
  • HRM framework and HRM strategy  

Book ch1~2


HRMRecruitment and slection

3rd week


  • 0929 paper discussion: competence

Book ch4



4th week


  • 1006paper discussion: succession planning

Book ch8

1004 leading


5th week


  • 1012 paper discussion: interview

Book ch3

1011 leading


6th week


  • movie learn HRM-Up in the air



7th week


  • Case discussion: Up in the air

Book ch7

Explain mid-term exam

HRDeducation and career development

8th week


  • Mid-term exam:



9th week


  • 1109 Paper discuss: teacher education challenge


Ch. 12

1108 leading


10th week 11/15

  • HRM at school
  • 1116 Paper discussion: HRM at school


1115 leading


11th week


  • 1123Paper discussion: Career plan 


Ch. 10

1122 leading


12th week


  • 1130Paper discussion: teacher motivation


1129 leading


13th week


  • 1207 paper discussion: teacher evaluation   


Ch. 5

1206 leading


14th week


  • movie learn HRM- The devil wears Prada



15th week


  • Leadership 
  • Case discussion: The devil wears Prada 



1020 leading


16th week


  • 1228paper discussion: US K-12 compensation


Ch. 6

1227 leading


17th week


  • Term paper preparation




18th week


  • Term paper-HR proposal



30 minute each